Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More Furniture from Tiernan Roe Fine Woodworking 25/04/2006

Here are a few more pictures of pieces of fine furniture that I have made over the last five or six years. This coffee table was made from an end of an native Irish oak plank that couldn't be used because of the hole and the legs are Hawthorn that I got from a site clearance. The legs were shaped with an axe and were tenoned to the top. The finish is hand rubbed boiled linseed oil.

This box is made from oak and features hand cut dovetails and a celtic knotwork carved lid. It was just a small project to practice both dovetail cutting and celtic knot work carving. It worked out fairly well but I still don't know what to put in it. Perhaps in the future I will pad the inside and make some ring holders for it to be used as a jewellery box. More recent work will be posted soon but I still have to get photos ready for publication.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Tiernan Roe Fine Woodworking Starts Blog 24/04/2006

This blog is to inform customers and new and old of how current projects are progressing. If your looking for someone to design and make fine wooden furniture then look no further. Woodworking has been a family tradition for over three generations. In the last year I have started my own business making and designing fine art furniture for clients both here in West Cork and through out Ireland. Hopefully I will be updating this blog regularly as the idea of using a Blog instead of a website was that pictures of furniture are all well and good but I hope to be able to impart some of the experiences and processes involved in producing a fine piece of furniture. Also, for the first while I will be including previous projects. So to kick off I'm posting some images of work that I did in Berlin 10 years ago this month. I know its a long time ago but it's pretty cool, a 9 metre (30 foot) high Statue of Liberty on top of the watchtower at the famous Checkpoint Charlie. Yes I did have to go right up the head 25 metres ( 80 feet) up to put on the crown after the statue was craned into place. Ahh reckless youth.