Thursday, June 22, 2006

Custom Kitchen by Tiernan Roe Fine Woodworking 22-06-06

Hi there it's been a while since the last post but I've been very busy lately trying to finish off building my own house. But here's a picture of the kitchen I recently finished. The counter tops are native Irish Elm and the doors and drawer fronts are painted red deal. The under counter spaces were filled with drawers as cupboards that are 600mm deep can make it very frustrating trying to find anything. I used full extension soft close drawer runners to maximise the amount of useful space in the drawers and reduce the slamming that could occur with such large drawers. The refuse bins are in a drawer under the sink; this had to be custom made to fit around the the plumbing that was there e.g. water filter.

The overhead cupboards were brought all the way to ceiling to try and maximise storage space and eliminate the inevitable clutter and dust that can gather on top of normal kitchen cupboards. A ladder chair will be used to access these high cupboards where infrequently used items such as christmas cake tins are stored. The table in the foreground is a work in progress the top is made from chestnut and Elm. Hopefully I will get round to finishing it soon.