Thursday, July 24, 2008

21st Century Card Table

Here are a few pictures of cherry card table I made for the Interiors 2008 show in May. The piece was inspired by 18th and 19th century card tables but in a contemporary form. The legs were made as thin and elegant as possible and are attached to a central pod. It would be the perfect hall or occasional table and is designed to be up against a wall. There is a slope in the back legs so the top will touch the wall but the legs will clear any skirting. The back legs use a wooden hinge to pivot out so as to support the unfolded table leaf. Maybe it is just me but I always like to see how the underneath of a table is finished; I think it can serve as good indicator of how well a piece is made. To this end and to lighten the appearance of the table top, I sculpted the two leaves of the top to be thinner on the outside edge and added a hand carved surface to give the table some tactile interest. The table is made of cherry and over time the wood will darken but when the table is opened the inside will be revealed as a beautiful pinky flesh colour. The legs are jointed using strong traditional mortise and tenons and the finish is tung oil and west cork bees wax. Not only does this all natural finish enhance the beautiful figure of cherry wood it also gives the table a luxurious silky sheen and feels wonderful under hand. Also it is easily maintained assuring the table will look great for many years to come.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Venusian Whorl Chair

I thought that a little more explanation of this chair was needed. The inspiration for it came from wanting to incorporate a marine theme into my work combined with a sculptural organic form. I achieved this by using a boat building technique called glued clinker to create the shell of the chair. This produced a exceptionally rigid shell structure. The shape of the chair is trying to emulate flowers or tulip leaves as they grow. I was designing this in the early spring hence the tulips. The name is a little bit of whimsy although whorl defines exactly what the chair is. (see here) This piece would look great in an entrance hall or even better in a plant filled conservatory. Or how about as cosy fireside chair to relax in with your favourite book. When sitting in the chair the warm wood wraps around you like a cocoon or shell. It's made from over a hundred separate pieces. The planks of the shell had to be individually steamed and fitted to each other. A lot of work; each chair took over a month to complete. The woods used were carefully chosen prime quarter sawn ash and Irish oak. These chairs were the first project that I have used natural hide glue on which has been used for centuries and should last for centuries to come. The finish was oil and west cork bee's wax. I will be offering an outdoor garden version of this chair with cover if required.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tiernan Roe Featured in Sunday Times

My ogham chair was featured in the Sunday Times recently. It was selected from over 100 exhibitors at the recent Interiors 2008 in the RDS Dublin. Ireland's top interiors companies and bespoke furniture makers were in attendance. Thank you to all who visited my stand over the four days; it was great to here so many positive comments about my work.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Interiors 2008 RDS, Dublin 16th to 18th of May

Here is a sneak preview of one of the pieces I'll be showing at the upcoming Interiors 2008 show in the Royal Dublin Society next weekend. I'm calling it a clinker chair; well because it's made like a clinker planked boat and is a chair. Perhaps Venetian Whorl might be a little more imaginative. Anyway it is made from approximately a hundred pieces of quarter sawn ash and oak which were then steam bent into shape. Needless to say this was a lot of work and the chair took the best part of a month just to fabricate the outer shell. The finish is hand rubbed oil and bees wax.

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