Monday, June 09, 2008

Venusian Whorl Chair

I thought that a little more explanation of this chair was needed. The inspiration for it came from wanting to incorporate a marine theme into my work combined with a sculptural organic form. I achieved this by using a boat building technique called glued clinker to create the shell of the chair. This produced a exceptionally rigid shell structure. The shape of the chair is trying to emulate flowers or tulip leaves as they grow. I was designing this in the early spring hence the tulips. The name is a little bit of whimsy although whorl defines exactly what the chair is. (see here) This piece would look great in an entrance hall or even better in a plant filled conservatory. Or how about as cosy fireside chair to relax in with your favourite book. When sitting in the chair the warm wood wraps around you like a cocoon or shell. It's made from over a hundred separate pieces. The planks of the shell had to be individually steamed and fitted to each other. A lot of work; each chair took over a month to complete. The woods used were carefully chosen prime quarter sawn ash and Irish oak. These chairs were the first project that I have used natural hide glue on which has been used for centuries and should last for centuries to come. The finish was oil and west cork bee's wax. I will be offering an outdoor garden version of this chair with cover if required.

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