Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stairs by Tiernan Roe Fine Woodworking

It's been awhile since I updated but unlike before where I was too busy working to post anything, I'm now spending as much of my free time as possible out sailing. The weather has been especially good lately and when I can see the sea from my workshop it's very hard to resist the temptation to knock off early and go sailing.
Enough excuses and I'll give you a run down of the stairs illustrated below. The strings are made from 9" by 2" Ash and each step was cut out and the "waste" piece was glued and screwed to the step below to extend the string to an effective width of 12". The treads are 10" by 2" Honduras Pitch Pine to match the flooring.

The handrail is Ash again and came from a site clearance. The bark was stripped off with a drawknife and the hand rail was then mortised into the newel posts. I used 10mm stainless steel bar for the spindles to make the appearance as light as possible and still maintain strength. The spindles had to be individually plumbed up from the tread to the bottom of the hand rail so they wouldn't look crooked, which was a very time consuming operation. Next time I'll use a laser plumb bob.

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