Monday, April 02, 2007

Design Process Step by Step: Part 2

Well I finally finished that table I was designing before Christmas. I steamed the oak legs to produce the curves and then the parts were joined quite simply with half joints.

It took a bit of fitting and a couple of try outs to get the legs in the right position and then level the table top. But it all came together in the end. I added the extra mahogany webbing pieces, as the arched oak legs were a bit too springy on their own. The next time I make a table like this, I will laminate the legs, which will make them stiffer. I would probably also make them a bit bigger, if I were to do it again.
All in all, I think the table was a success from a functional perspective, in that the legs don't interfere with a person sitting at the table or with moving chairs in under the table. From a design viewpoint, it is a fine showcase piece to have in any kitchen, guaranteed to be the room's "wow" feature for many years to come.

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