Thursday, October 15, 2009

Architectural Installation: The Cloud.

Here's a few pictures from a recent architectural installation that I made for a 14m (46') long corridor. It was designed by my brother Stephen who is one half of RoeWu. The idea is that the varying angle of the louvres simulate the changing light that one experiences under a moving cloud. I'm not sure if the video captures this but it looks pretty cool and the clients love it.
The cloud was made up in sections in the workshop. There were a lot of those louvres to be made. Most of the louvres have push fixings so they can be removed easily for cleaning above the cloud. I used poplar for the louvres because of its stability and good painting qualities. The longitudinal pieces are WBP plywood.
Align LeftI was able to install the parts from a ladder which made set up for the installation much easier. Below is a video clip of a walk through and shows how the light changes as you move along. It was early morning and a little dull at the time. I'll try and get a better shot soon.

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